1 Blanket Styled 4 Ways

Do you think that a throw can only be used as a blanket? Guess again!

On an episode of Suite Living, I show how one blanket can easily be styled in four different ways.

The fabulous throw that I used is available through one of my favourite companies, fashionABLE. It features gorgeous woven products that are handmade by women in Ethiopia, creating an ethical and sustainable business.

The Throw Styled as a… Headboard




This is a really clever way to get the look of a headboard, without the big expense. Simply install an inexpensive curtain rod on the wall above the bed and then drape the throw over it. It’s that easy!

To complete the look, I added some vibrant accent cushions to pull out the colour in the centre stripe.


The Throw Styled as a… Faux Kilim Sofa



I really enjoy the intricate patterns and textures of kilim sofas. After all, if gorgeous, handwoven carpets are good enough to walk on, they are certainly suitable for seating, right?!

But if you aren’t in the market for a new sofa, upgrade what you already have by wrapping a coordinating throw around the seat cushions. An instant transformation! (My kitty, Ashlee, certainly likes it!)


The Throw Styled as a… Table Runner



The television media unit: wood, glass, metal, wires, and remotes. The way I see it, media units can use a little ‘softening’. What better way than to add a quick table runner?

Simply fold your throw to the desired width (I folded mine into thirds) and lay it along your media unit’s surface. This would also look great on a credenza, a buffet or even a dining table.


The Throw Styled as a… Picnic Blanket




Heading out for a day at the beach?  A throw is the perfect size for sun-bathing and picnicking!

Bonus: when the sun goes down and it’s time for summer fireworks, you’ll have a cozy blanket to keep you toasty! (And the ‘Eden’ scarf, also available through fashionABLE, will keep the chill away, too!)


So, have I convinced you? The humble throw blanket is actually a multi-purpose wonder! How do you style YOURS? I’d love to know!


Head on over to my ‘Video‘ page to see the full webisode of this styling tutorial!

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