Apartment Makeover: Creating an Inspiration Board

Even the DIY-saavy and the décor keener can find decorating projects to be a little overwhelming.

Fear not! I’m sharing my step-by-step process in a 3 part Apartment Makeover series to easily transform any space!

My dear friend, Laura, asked me to take her space from boring and beige (seen below) to cohesive and cool (stay tuned for the big reveal!) – and I did just that with a few key pieces of new furniture, some fun DIY projects and naturally, a whole lot of paint. The best part? You can use these tips and tricks in your own home.





The Inspiration Board

Whenever I start a new project, I like to visualize what the space will become. To do that, I often create an inspiration board. Follow these foolproof steps to make your own!



1)    Find the Focal Point – This could be anything that draws your eye. It could be a sparkly chandelier or a perhaps a cozy fireplace. In Laura’s case, it was her luxurious, blue velvet sofa. This is the first element for the inspiration board.



2)    Identify the Inspiration This can come from anything that jives with your focal point. Take some time and do your homework – inspiration can come from anywhere! Maybe it will come from an amazing textile. Or what about an incredible piece of art? For Laura’s space, I found this on-trend, chevron-patterned rug. It’s the perfect jumping off point for the space. It’s essentially a cheat sheet for my entire colour palette.




3)    Colour Matching Using your ‘cheat sheet’ and some paint chips or a fan deck, identify the colour in your inspiration piece. This becomes very helpful when selecting your paint colours.



BM104)    Fun with Furnishing Print off some images of furnishings that you’re considering for your new space. (If you prefer to shop in-store, be sure to snap some pictures on your phone and print them off when you get home.) This allows you to play around with your selections to see what you like in combination before making any expensive commitments.

5)    The Importance of Accessories Just like the furnishings, print off images of accessories that you’re considering to see what will work in your space.



BM2Creating a beautiful inspiration board like this will ensure that your project stays on track and looks totally pulled together in the end!

Be sure to check out my next post because I’m rolling up my sleeves and sharing my top tips for a perfect paint job every time. And don’t forget to check out the final transformation of Laura’s condo!

Head on over to my ‘Video‘ page to see the full webisode of each of this tutorial!

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