Apartment Makeover: DIY Ombre Dresser and Homeowner Reveal

When I arrived at Laura’s condo, it was beige and basic. Now, after adding just a few unique touches (and of course, a whole lot of paint), I’ve made it fresh and fabulous!

Interiors become something special when they embody ‘one of a kind’ elements. So, when my good friend, Laura, asked me to transform her space, I was determined to add as much personality as possible through the use of some unique DIY projects.


I created a high-impact gallery wall using some inexpensive, big box store frames and some watercolour paper and paint. You don’t have to be an artist to pull off this project – I kept this art simple and graphic.

I also transformed a simple chest of drawers into a totally original piece. Here’s how I did it!


DIY Painted Ombre Dresser

This project starts off with an inexpensive chest of drawers.  You can find one in a thrift store, a big box store, or even online. The look I’m going for is that trendy, ombre effect, using only three small cans of paint.


1)    Sanding – The first step is to sand down any shiny surfaces. Once the surfaces are ready to be painted, remove any dust with a simple tack cloth.



2)    Picking Your Paint – Remember the paint chips that were used in the Inspiration Board webisode? Use the chips to easily choose gradient hues for the ombre effect.



3)    Taping – Save yourself a lot of time and trouble by taping off the edges of the drawers so that you only have to paint the fronts.




4)    Painting  – To ensure lasting durability, I used a quality, high-adhesion paint. Using a small roller, apply the paint in several thin and even coats.



5)    Drying Time – Just like painting your walls (or your nails!) allow plenty of drying time in between coats to ensure that the paint has cured.



I absolutely LOVE how these pieces look in Laura’s condo! When I arrived, the space was boring, bland and beige. Now, it’s full of life and has as much personality as Laura herself. Now that the transformation is complete, Laura has a place in which she can rest, relax and entertain friends. It was so much fun to reveal the made-over space to Laura and share in her excitement!










Head on over to my ‘Video‘ page to see the full webisode of this tutorial and reveal!

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  • this is way to cool. seeing how you were able to utilize the veyr limited space you have so well. i am extremely intrigued by how your mind works and using small little things to make the space more affective and useful.thanks for sharing

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