Apartment Makeover: Top 10 Painting Tips

As an interior designer, I’ve painted my fair share of rooms. But if you’re not very experienced, taking on a painting project can be pretty intimidating.

Not to worry! By simply following my Top 10 painting tips, you can achieve the same dramatic results in your space as I did in my friend Laura’s condo! 



1)    Prep, prep, prep! – I know it’s tempting to just start rolling paint on the walls, but if you don’t prepare, it won’t look professional. This means filling any holes, sanding imperfections and of course, giving the walls a good cleaning.



2)    Setup is key – There is nothing worse than starting a project, only to realize that you’re missing materials and have to run back to the store. Do yourself a BIG favour and make sure that you have everything before you start. If that stresses you out, some brands offer great kits that contain everything you’ll need!




3)    Cover it Up – You like you stuff, right? Then protect it! After clearing as many of your things from the room as possible, drape plastic drop cloths over the remaining pieces. When it comes to covering floors, I like to use canvas drop cloths because they’re non-slip and they absorb any little drips of paint.



BM2-64)    FoilProof!  – Rather than wrapping rolls and rolls of tape around door knobs and wall fixtures, wrap some tin foil around them to protect them from paint drips.




5)    Taped Off – If you don’t have a steady hand, tape off any moldings before you cut in with a brush. Make sure to press down the edges firmly to keep the paint from bleeding. For a super clean edge, carefully remove the tape while the paint is still wet.




6)    Practice Safe Dipping – Rather than getting the rim of your can all goopy, stretch a rubber band over the top of the can and use it to remove any excess paint from your brush.



7)    Take a Break – If you need to take a break from your project, that’s totally ok. But whatever you do, don’t leave your brush out. Instead, wrap it up in plastic wrap or in a plastic bag and store it in the fridge. (Probably best to keep it away from any food, though!)

8)    Fluffoff! – No matter what type of roller you choose, it’s important to de-fluff it with a lint roller. This will prevent any little fluffy bits from ruining your gorgeous paint job.




9)    The “W” Shape* – Ok, so we’ve all been taught to roll paint on in a “W” shape, right? Well, there’s a right way and a wrong way. A short and wide W – bad. A tall and narrow W – good! To make this super easy, I recommend investing in a roller handle extender. This will give you more even coverage and overall better results.

10)  Turn Up the Tunes! – It’s important to have fun, so turn up the tunes and enjoy the process of transforming your space!



Use these easy tips to make your next paint job a little less painful and whole lot more beautiful!

Be sure to check out my next post because I’m using even more paint to create some fun DIY projects! Plus, I’ll be revealing to Laura the complete transformation of the condo!

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