DIY: 3 Hallowe’en Candles

They’re a lovely addition to any type of party, but when it comes to Hallowe’en décor, candles are essential!

On an episode of Suite Living, I share three fun candle projects that will really set the mood for a spooky time!

Many of the materials required for these projects are everyday things I already had at home – cheap and cheerful is the name of the game for these crafts!


Mason Jar Mummy

candles4This project is really quick and great to do with kids. All you need is a mason jar, some googly eyes, some white glue, some medical gauze and a tea light (if you prefer, you can use a flameless tea light).



1)     Rip into Strips – To give the mummy a tattered look, rip the gauze into strips.



2)     All Wrapped Up Wrap the gauze around the mason jar, covering up all of the glass. Be careful not to get carried away – if you wrap the gauze too many times, the candle light won’t glow through.



3)    Eye Spy – Using the white glue, add some googly eyes to the side of the jar. Then, pop your tea light candle inside!





Electric Stripes


For this project, I was totally inspired by Beetlejuice – remember that movie?? This project requires everyday, plain candles (I used tapers, but you can use pillars, too), a pair of scissors and some electrical tape.




1)    Banded Together – Wrap pieces of electrical tape around the candle, ensuring that your seams are all on one side. (Note: after Hallowe’en, you can always take the tape off and enjoy the plain candles again!)





Canned Heat


If you’re looking for that ‘wow’ factor, be sure to try these “Trick-or-Treat” candles. They may look tricky (ha, see what I did there?!) but they’re actually pretty simple. All you need for this project is a variety of tin cans, a hammer, a nail and some black spray paint.

1)    Prep Work – Clean the cans and remove any labels.



2)    Ice, Ice Baby – Fill the cans with water and let them freeze. The ice will ensure that the cans won’t dent when you later punch the holes.




3)    1, 2 Punch – Using your nail and hammer, punch the design of your choice into the cans. I chose to punch the words “Trick-or-Treat”.



4)    Paint and Place – Remove the ice by running the cans under hot water. Make sure that the cans are completely dry and then paint the outside of them black. Once the paint is dry, place tea lights inside the cans and enjoy the flickering design.





These three candle projects are a fantastic addition to my Halloween party – keep an eye out for the reveal of the complete tablescape look!


Head on over to my ‘Video‘ page to see the full webisodes of each of these DIY projects!

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