DIY: Back-to-School Desk Accessories

I know it doesn’t seem possible, but somehow, summer is drawing to an end. Students everywhere know what that means – it’s back to school!

On an episode of Suite Living, I show three super easy DIYs to jazz up your work station.

Just because a desk is for work doesn’t mean it can’t be playful. I say, ‘out with the boring, in with the vibrant and fun!’



The Trays

These customized trays are a really great way to keep everything neat and tidy on your desk. As my mother always said “ A place for everything, and everything in its place”.


All you’ll need for this project is a clear tray (you can find them in all shapes and sizes in most big box stores), a pair of scissors and a marker. The key to this project is finding a beautiful image you love, and printing it on to a piece of clear acetate. If you don’t have a laser printer, you can have it done at a print shop for a couple of dollars.


1)     Trace and Cut – Place your tray on top of your printed image and trace around it. Note the thickness of your tray’s edges and cut that thickness inside your trace line.

2)     Position it – Place the printed image inside the tray.



Not sure about you, but I think these trays look super posh. Art and function all rolled into one! If these trays don’t help you stay organized, I don’t know what will!

*                                                                                          *                                                                                          *


The Pen Holder

Ok, friends. This next project is totally mind blowing. To make this pen holder, all you need is a vase and a whole lot of sprinkles.


1)    Pour – This is a one-step wonder. Just pour the sprinkles into your vase and BAM! An instant pen holder!



This pen holder is so easy to make and will add instant cheer to your work surface. And I mean, really, who doesn’t love sprinkles?

*                                                                                          *                                                                                          *


The Cork Boards

Cork boards are super practical but super boring. This last project shows an inexpensive way to jazz them up! All you need is a cork board, white and gold glitter craft paint, a foam brush and some painters tape.

cork 1

1)    Base Coat – Paint the whole cork board using the white craft paint.

2)    Tape it Off – To create a striped motif, tape along one edge of the cork board. Line another stripe of tape right beside it. Tape a third piece in the same manner and then remove the second piece of tape. Continue to use this piece of tape as a spacer as you continue to tape off your stripes  –  no measuring needed!!



3)    Gold Stripes – Next, paint between the tape using the gold glitter paint. Remove the tape when you’re finished.




Additional –  While I love how this looks already, I just can’t help but pretty it up even more. I added some whimsy to ordinary thumbtacks by gluing little craft pom poms on the tops. I also attached some beautiful satin ribbon to the back of the board to hang on a hook.



These sparkly boards sure make ‘To-Do’ lists look a lot prettier, don’t you think?

all hero


With these quick and inexpensive DIYs, your desk will be both completely organized and totally on trend.

Head on over to my ‘Video‘ page to see the full webisode of these DIY projects!

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