DIY Copper Candle Holder


Copper is 100% the new “IT” metal. I’ve been seeing it everywhere! So, because it’s always cool on-trend, why not incorporate it into your own home?

On an episode of Suite Living, I’m share a really simple and totally customizable DIY copper pipe candleholder!




What’s amazing about this project is that you can make the candleholder in any configuration that you like! So, you’ll need ¾” copper piping, some elbow fittings, some T fittings, a sheet of metal sand paper, some candles and a pipe cutter (which you can find at any hardware store). That’s right, there is no soldering here – you’ll see why soon!



Cut the pieces – Using your pipe cutter, cut the copper piping into whatever lengths you like. Check out the description box below for the measurements that I used.



Sand the edges Using your metal sand paper, smooth the ends of the cut pipes. This will remove any little burrs.



Assemble – Now, assemble the lengths of pipe with the fittings.



Light ‘em up! – Now, place the candles into the open fittings and light ‘em up!



The Cool Factor – Ok, remember when I said that you didn’t need to solder or glue the pipes and fittings? It’s so that you can do THIS * demo moving the holder * You can reconfigure the candle holder into different shapes and sizes, plus, you can add or subtract pieces! How cool is that?!




If you’ve been dying to try out the copper trend in your home, why not test out this DIY project and Instagram me a picture of your copper creation!

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