DIY: Etched Monogram Glassware Gift

Whether you’re in need of a hostess gift, a shower gift or any gift for that matter, giving something with a personal touch is always a hit!

On an episode of Suite Living, I demonstrate how to transform inexpensive glassware in to a really lovely, personalized gift by adding an etched monogram.

For this project, you can use any type of glassware – a pitcher, a set of glasses or even a vase. For my gift, I’m going to use a bedside carafe and glass.



In addition to your glassware, you’ll need adhesive stencils, a small brush and some craft store etching gel.


1) Clean and Dry – Clean the glass of dust and fingerprints using soapy water and rinse it thoroughly. Make sure to completely dry it after.


2) Stick It  – Position your monogram stencil on the glass. When you’re happy with it, press down all of the edges firmly.



3) Paint It – Using your brush, apply a generous and even coat of the etching gel and leave it on for 15 minutes, or as instructed by the manufacturer.



4) Rinse and Remove – Rinse the gel off of the glassware and remove the stencil.



5)  Clean and Dry – Give the glassware one more cleaning and carefully pat dry.




And there you have it!  A thoughtful, personalized gift that is sure to be appreciated.


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