DIY: Hallowe’en, No-Carve Pumpkins

When I think about decorating for Halloween, I can’t imagine doing it without pumpkins! But I’m not crazy about the hassle of hollowing them out, carving them and then cleaning up the mess.

On an episode of Suite Living, I share three of my favourite no-carve pumpkin looks that are super easy and super chic!

Unlike carving a pumpkin, these projects don’t require a knife so they are perfect for crafting with your little trick-or-treaters!




For each of these projects, I chose to use cream coloured pumpkins. To create a totally uniform look and to hide any imperfections, I painted them white.


All Laced Up

This first no-carve pumpkin requires only one thing – patterned, black stockings.



1)     Tight Fit – Fit the pumpkin into one of the legs of the stockings. If you have a bigger pumpkin, this might be a two-person job!

2)     Position it Pull the stocking up over the stem, adjusting it to a pattern that you like.


3)    Cut and Hide – Cut off the excess stocking at the top and roll it down to the base of the stem. Then roll up the foot of the stocking and tuck it underneath the pumpkin.



Talk about bang for your buck! This project has so much impact for so little time and effort!


Bling’d Out

If you’re into all things sparkly, then this is the pumpkin for you! For this look, you’ll need jewel-like stickers (I found mine at my party supply store).


1)    Stick it to ‘Em – There are no further instructions for this project. No, really. Do whatever inspires you! You could use the stickers to make your name or monogram. Or what about running the stickers down the natural lines of the pumpkin? The possibilities are limitless! I chose to make fun, curly lines and shapes on my pumpkin.





Even though Halloween is traditionally a scary holiday, there’s no harm in infusing a little bit of glamour!


Glitter and Glitz

If the sparkle stickers aren’t enough glitz for your taste, why not try these glittery miniatures? Even though I switched it up and used white gourds, this look also works wonderfully on standard-size pumpkins. For this project, you’ll need some plain white glue, a foam brush (or sponge stick), some glitter and a small dry brush.


1)    Glue it – Apply the glue in whatever pattern you like.


2)    Glitter it – Sprinkle the glitter over the glued areas and then gently shake off the excess. Take care – the glitter can end up EVERYWHERE!


3)    Brush it – When the glue has completely dried, use your dry brush to carefully remove the excess glitter from the gourd.




Just as in the previous project, you are limited only by your imagination when it comes to the glittery design! They downplay the creepy and amp up the style!


These three no-carve pumpkin projects are the jumping off point for my Halloween party tablescape. Keep an eye out for my next post where I share three fun DIYs for another Halloween essential: candles!


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