DIY? Because I Gotta: Lace Platter

After sharing my “Embrace the Lace” post, I couldn’t wait to find the perfect lace piece for my home. Rather than searching high and low for something fantastic (which I still totally plan on doing later this week!) I took it upon myself to make my own lace inspired piece. I picked up a “silver” (or so the incorrect label read) platter from a thrift store for $7.99 and proceeded to a discount fabric store to pick up a yard of cream lace for $12.99. And so the DIY began…

Platter Before:

Lace before

Platter After:

Lace Plates


Here is how you can transform your own old dish into a lovely lace platter:

  1. Wash platter and thoroughly dry.
  2. Cut lace to a slightly larger size than the circumference of the dish (add an extra 2″ around to be safe).
  3. Use a light spray adhesive to tack the lace down on the dish.
  4. Once the lace is in place, trim the excess fabric around the edge.
  5. Using either a decoupage or a self levelling epoxy, seal the lace to the dish and let dry (as per product instructions)

How cute would this be as a holiday hostess gift? Happy DIY-ing!



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