DIY: Thanksgiving Napkins and Rings

It’s that time of year when the air is crisp and the leaves are turning from fresh greens to fiery reds and oranges! That’s right, it’s time to get ready for Thanksgiving – a gathering of family and friends and a celebration of the bounty of the harvest. And if you are hosting the event, you’ll want your Thanksgiving table to truly reflect the festive spirit of the occasion!

On an episode of Suite Living, I demonstrate two easy DIY projects to give your Thanksgiving place settings a custom look!

When it comes to entertaining, the devil is in the details. That being said, those details need not be expensive.



The Napkin


If you aren’t the type to have a cornucopia and turkey figurines all over your dining room, try these DIY blanket-stitched napkins that give a more subtle nod to Thanksgiving. All you’ll need for this project is a set of store-bought cloth napkins, an embroidery needle, some embroidery thread (in a seasonal colour of your choice!) and a pair of scissors.

1)    Thread the Needle – Sometimes I’m really great at threading a needle. And then there were the times like this week… Take comfort in knowing that this is the most challenging part of the whole project. Once your needle is threaded, tie the two ends together using a small knot (you’ll be able to snip off the knot when you arrive back at this spot).



2)    Are your ready, Needle? Start threading! Starting from the back of the napkin, about ½” in from the edge, thread your needle through and then back over itself. This will create your first loop. Now, about ¼” from the first stitch, thread the needle from the back to the front. Before you pull all of the slack through the hole, thread the needle through the loop of thread and then pull the thread taut. This will create your first blanket stitch!



3)    Again, again, again – Now, use that same technique over and over again until you have blanket-stitched around the entire perimeter of your napkin. When you get to the end, double stitch the last stitch to the first one and snip off the excess thread.




And just like that (ok, not just like THAT, but in a relatively short amount of time) your napkins are transformed from woefully white to autumnally awesome!


The Napkin Ring


But what is a fabulous napkin without a coordinating ring? Napkin rings can get pretty pricey, but not these guys! All you need for this project is a found branch (preferably already on the ground and dried), either a chop saw or a hand saw, a drill, a saw bit (they run around $5 at any hardware store), some sandpaper and some optional mineral oil (available at any drug store).



1)    Cut the Discs – Cut your branch into discs of equal widths (anything between ½” and 1” works well).



2)    Drill a Hole – Using your drill and saw bit, drill a hole in the middle of each disc.




3)    Sand and Oil – Using the sandpaper, smooth out the edges of the rings. To give the wood a richer look, apply a thin coat of mineral oil with a clean rag. Allow the oil to completely absorb overnight before using the rings.



In no time at all, you’ll have a set of rustic napkin rings that are truly one of a kind!

Together, these napkins and rings are a perfect combination for any Thanksgiving celebration.


Head on over to my ‘Video‘ page to see the full webisode of these DIY projects!

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