DIY: Wrapping for Boxes and Gift Cards

Wedding season is officially in full swing. If you’re not the lucky bride, that means it’s gift-giving time! On an episode of Suite Living, I show two easy, yet super cute ways to wrap your gifts for the happy couple. Wedding gifts are usually packaged in one of two ways: an object in a box or a gift card in an envelope.


The Box


First, let’s wrap the box. For this project, you’ll need two types of ribbon – both different colours and different widths, scissors and clear double-sided tape. This gift box is already white, but if yours isn’t, you should wrap it in simple, white craft paper.

1) Measure and Cut – Measure two lengths of each ribbon around the box both ways. You should have four longer and four shorter pieces.

2) Position and Tape – Wrap a long piece of the wider ribbon around the long side of the box and position it with the double-sided tape. Do the same thing with the same type of ribbon next to the first. Using the narrow ribbon, wrap it around the box on top of the wider ribbon. Wrap the remaining length of ribbon around the box next to the last piece.

3) Weave and Tape – Do the exact same thing with the shorter lengths around the shorter sides of the box. This time, however, weave the ribbon over and under the longer pieces.



In the end, you’ll have a beautifully wrapped gift that looks unique and super impressive.

The Card

Now, for the card. Rather than sticking a gift card into an plain envelope, package it as a present and wrap it accordingly. For this project, you’ll need two types of ribbon – both different colours and different widths, scissors, clear double-sided tape and a ‘pillow box’, which you can find at most craft stores.


1) Fold and Stuff – Place your gift card inside the box. If you really want to jazz it up, you can also drop in some confetti!

2) Measure and Cut – Next, measure two lengths of each ribbon around the box and secure it with double sided tape.

3) The Add-Ons – This already looks adorable, but you can easily take it even further. I’ve added a little artificial flower to hide the seam and placed little pearl stickers all over.



Packaged like this, your gift looks so much more special than if it was just in a plain envelope. Don’t you think?

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