#trending: Embrace the Lace

Growing up, I visited both sets of my grandparents regularly. I remember that, even as a little girl, I was struck by the similarity between the two homes (was I destined to be a designer from the get-go?) Both reflected my grandmothers’ love of the traditional – mahogany, chintz, Royal Doulton and lace. Hand-worked linens were treasured and on display, from the doilies on the tea table to the antimacassars (you know, those lacey protectors) on the arms and backs of chairs. The aesthetic was definitely formal, and maybe, through the eyes of a little girl, a bit old-fashioned. But lace is anything but old-fashioned now! People, it’s time to embrace the lace!

This trend, however, goes beyond pulling out your grandmother’s crocheted tea cozy. The dainty motifs of lace are being applied to design elements in new and exciting ways. From pendant lighting to acrylic tables, lace is popping up left, right and centre! (The girly-girl inside of me is LOVING this trend!) Here are a couple of my favourite lace-inspired picks.


Brocade Home

How clever to bring the lace down to the floor! This rug would be so lovely in the centre of a foyer or in a quaint dining space.


Anne's Table

Anne’s Table



Liv by Au Lit





P.S. Do you have memories of (now) vintage lace pieces from your childhood? What do you think of the lace comeback?


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