Top 5 Flower Care Tips

There’s something about a fresh bundle of flowers that makes everything seem so happy.

On an episode of Suite Living, I share my top five tips for making those happy blooms last!

Whether they’re from the florist, the grocery store or your very own garden, all cut flowers need some TLC in order to last as long as possible.







1)    Rehydrate – those blooms may have been out of water for a few hours, so they should be placed in a bucket of lukewarm water for an hour or so.


sparkling clean

2)    Sparkling Clean – clean your vessel with hot, soapy water to ensure total cleanliness – you wouldn’t drink out of a dusty glass, so why should your flowers?


fresh cut

3)    Fresh Cut – cut at least 2 inches off the stems (or more, depending on your arrangement and the height of your vase). To avoid rot, remove all leaves that are below the water line in the vessel.


Change Water

4)    Water Change – changing the water often is the key to keeping your blooms lasting as long as possible. I like to change it daily.



5)    Trick of the Trade – there are many tricks out there to keep flowers happy, but my favourite is to pour a splash of vodka into the vessel. Don’t ask me why, but this is a sure fire way to keep those blooms pretty and perky!



Go ahead and try these easy tips with your own cut flowers and be sure to share pictures of your pretty arrangements with me on social media!


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