DIY: Putting the “kin” in Napkin

A dinner party is a great opportunity  to express your creativity in the company of friends and family. This usually takes the form of an exquisitely prepared meal. However, if you are like me and are somewhat lacking in the kitchen department, you can still wow your guests. Demonstrate your efforts through decor with personalized touches and maybe, just maybe, they won’t notice that the roast chicken is a little short of succulent!

In addition to the usual choice of incorporating a lovely centrepiece of fresh flowers with your best dinnerware to dress your table, why not up the ante with monogrammed cloth napkins? I have always found that monogrammed linens (when displayed in moderation!) instantly elevate the look of a space . The custom detailing boasts family tradition and is a great conversation piece among guests.

Stitched monograms can be pricey, so why not give this cheap and cheerful alternative a try!


Napkin After

Natural Fibre Napkins
Monogram Letter Stencil
Stencil Brush
Fabric Paint
Painter’s Tape

Napkin Before

1. Pre-wash and iron the napkins.
2. Place the stencil on the napkin in the desired location. Measure to reference points to ensure continuity when stencilling the remaining napkins.
3. Using the low-tack painter’s tape, secure the stencil in place.
4. Dab thin coats of paint onto the stencil. (Note: to avoid bleeding underneath the stencil, do not “swirl” the brush, but rather use an up and down motion.)
5. Remove stencil and allow the paint to dry as per the manufacturer’s directions.


Happy entertaining, everyone!




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