#trending: Tray Chic!

I’m a big fan of trays for the simple reason that they make whatever they hold prettier. Case in point: Imagine coming home after work with your mail in your hand. You can either a) toss it on your kitchen table (only to move it again when you eat dinner) or b) place it on a lovely tray where it will wait for you until you are ready to open it. Ok, I know not everyone wants to put their mail on a lovely tray, but the point still remains that a gorgeous tray makes the everyday something special.

I’ve pulled a couple of my favourite trays for every style and every purpose. Enjoy!

Cathedral Antiques

This tray would be perfect for breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning! (Or, more realistically, for some last minute work on my laptop on a Sunday night!)


For a punch of colour, this graphic poppy tray has a high fashion, somewhat Parisian feel. It’s art in and of itself.

Crate and Barrel

Ugly tv tables be gone! These tv trays are both practical and stylish. (They almost make that secret Jeopardy/microwaveable dinner guilty pleasure ok.)

West Elm

Just like any outfit, a room needs the perfect jewelry for a polished look. These trays complete your room’s chic look perfectly.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

For a more natural look, why not opt for this slate or raw wood tray? Easy to clean and sealed with food-safe products, these one of a kind trays make for great host or hostess gifts.

Cooks and Kitchens


Urban Tree Salvage





P.S. What style of tray do you prefer? Practical and new? Nostalgic and weathered?

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