#trending: Gingham Style!


I know, I know – “Gangnam Style” is now a little passé, but I simply couldn’t pass up a good play on words! When I think of gingham, I immediately picture one of Hollywood’s most adored characters – Dorothy of Wizard of Oz fame. I loved the innocence that was portrayed through her voice, her demeanor and her iconic blue and white gingham dress.

Not to be confused with tattersall or plaid (originating in England and Scotland respectively), gingham was first imported from Malaysia by Europeans in the 17th century.

The Malay word genggang means “striped,” as was the original pattern. Over time, the striped pattern evolved into a check, using any single bold colour paired with white. By the 20th century gingham had been popularized in the production of table linens and fashion. Traditionally, we think of gingham as representative of classic mid-west attire but it is currently popping up in “preppy” fashion and fun décor.

With Summer fast approaching, these whimsical gingham applications have me thinking of breezy dresses, country fairs and a picture perfect picnic (complete with a classic gingham tablecloth – naturally!)







Images (L-R); Wallpaper: BrewsterShoe: Miu MiuiPhone Case: Kate SpadePendant: Ballard DesignsBaking Cup: RevolFlatware: Didrik’sHook: Pottery Barn KidsPlates: Thomas PaulDress: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

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