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Home after a busy day of taping at Steven and Chris, I curled up on my sofa for a relaxing evening. With a cup of  tea in hand and my cat, Ashlee, in my lap, I scrolled through the TV guide and found one of my all time favourite movies –  Breakfast at Tiffany’s. What has made it a classic  for five decades?  For me, it’s  the haunting strains of  the theme, Moon River,  as well as the intense, compelling love story that unfolds against the backdrop of  so many beautiful, iconic locations in New York  City.

(Also, can’t forget the pivotal role played by Cat, especially in the final scene!) But few would disagree that what draws us to this movie again and again is the blend of innocence and glamour that the stunning Audrey Hepburn portrays in Holly. I love the scene in which she goes about the business of transforming herself  – her hair, her make-up –  all the while under Paul’s steady, smouldering gaze ! What makes this scene so beautifully romantic?  She’s “glamming up” at a gorgeous dressing table in her very feminine bedroom – not standing in the bathroom, surrounded by wet towels and rubber duckies!

My Little Boudoir

This realization got me thinking about vanity tables and the role they play in decor. Nowadays, they are rarely seen in most homes, seemingly reserved only for those who, I would imagine, actually frequent Tiffany’s!  But dressing tables can create  a little of oasis of glamour and femininity, a beautiful spot where you can sit, pamper yourself and channel your inner Holly!

If you are into the idea of mixing the old and the new, you are sure to love these picks! Antiqued mirror and traditional fabric patterns mixed with splashes of this season’s “it” colour – tangerine – make for a stunning new-age interpretation of an old school concept.

Elle Decor

Josephine Fisher


Those who know me well are aware that I’m powerless before a piece of vintage, painted furniture. It’s not trying to be over the top or absolutely perfect. It’s gorgeous in all of its humbleness, clearly well loved and often used by its original owner.

Blue on blue

All About You

See Creatures


Sometimes we just need a hit of Hollywood in our lives. So why not go all out with sparkling mirror and a button tucked, skirted stool? Dress it up even more with crystal perfume bottles and effortlessly draped strands of pearls.

Martha Stewart

4 Inspired Design


If you can’t see yourself using a dressing table to primp, why not use it as a display surface? These old books of botanicals, opened and stood up somewhat hap-hazardly, is a relaxed look that feels comfortable. I would imagine that this collection of treasures makes its owner smile every time that she passes by.



Elle Decoration UK





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